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Mobiles for Baby

Tagurity Mobile

Tagurity Mobile

If you walk into Babies R Us it is filled to the literal ceilings with STUFF. Too much stuff if you ask my opinion. The one question I have is, did you save your mobile from your crib? Is it displayed from your chandiler? Or did your parents donate it to someone else and eventually it ended up in a landfill?

In any case, my husband and I have been frantically searching for a mobile for our little one. They provide visual stimulus and are nice to look at. I haven’t found any that weren’t littered with cutesy animals in pastel tones or strange shapes that were a bit to mod for my liking.

While reading one of my favorite blogs today I came across a delicate Frazier & Wing Mobile retails for a whopping 150$, little to0 much for my budget. However, a savy blogger,  Tagurity has developed a DIY version with recycled

paper. Check it out!

I was planning on buying some interesting not too Xmasy ornaments and making my own. I will be sure to keep you posted!  I am loving these little doves at Crate & Barrel.