Green Slime Nursery

Its been a while, I apologize, with the impending arrival of the child we have been immersed in Christmas and Baby. What a combination.

We finally agreed upon a color for the nursery- Green. Not just any green, green with a hint of slime color. Like Nickelodeon color. Not sure what I think. Perhaps my pregnant vision is off, but I put a splash of it on the wall and it still looks like slime. My husband says no, but that we can meander back to Sherwin Williams and have them take the edge off, but I think its just going to make it worse.

In the mean time, we have or moreover my husband has painted the furniture a high gloss black and also purchased a beautiful lamp from Pier One. This child has the most expensive lamp in the house! Usually I go to Goodwill and spend under 10$ then buy a new shade, but this lamp was perfect!We paid a small fortune, but I am glad my husband picked it.

Everyone asks what our theme is. I am not a person of themes, especially cutesy, if I wanted baby animals I would have went out and bought another puppy or maybe a barnyard animal. We settled on black, green and muslin color. ( like an off white taupish)

We were on a severe budget with this one- as the bathroom is on hold- so we used some furniture we had, craigslisted a changing table ( 6$ as if needed a repair), Goodwilled a rocking chair and ottoman, I am planning on recovering etc. Frugal and green. We love it!



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