Weekend Project: Composting Bin

image from groovygreen.com

image from groovygreen.com

Ever since my husband and I made a compost bin, we have been elated with composting! ( Who knew it could cause such excitement!) Our city charges for flimsy trash bags, so we are ultimate recyclers. Anything that can be recycled is, every ounce of paper,  plastic, even tin foil! We only use about a half trash bag per week!

We have taken our recycling to a new level with composting by making our own compost bin. I have come across a few different ways to make your own composter. Skip the pricey bins, its all the same. Dirt in a ventilated container, add organic matter, stir, add to garden- how hard can it be?

This Old Young House’s version is the one we did and it took about 20 minutes to put it all together. SO easy.Daily Candy Seattle included this version today. For a PDF version click here.
More questions, like what is composting? what can I compost? What can’t I compost? Click here.


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