Products I Adore: Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps!

Dr Bronner Liquid Peppermint Soap ( image:

This week, I would like to profile one of my favorite products that is a must have in these hard economic times… Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps. I love their bar soap, but I love their liquid soap even more. It has hundreds of uses, clean the car, clean the dogs, clean the floors, clean yourselves.

Fair trade & organic oils, biodegradable and vegetable based, what else can you ask for?

For cleaning you can dilute  it , one part soap into 40 parts water for light cleaning or using it full strength for the tough jobs. You can even use it to wash your clothes, add a little baking soda. I have used it to wash my sneakers- they came our smelling lovely and super clean.

Another trick is adding two tablespoons to a small pump squirt bottle, fill to the brim with water and volia! Hand Soap! I use it in the kitchen, and every time anyone uses it they say wow, that smells awesome.

Pick some up at your local natural store or the natural beauty aisle at Target!


One response to “Products I Adore: Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps!

  1. if you can get it at target i am there.

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