A Word about Flowers

If not for PR, I think I would have been a florist. I love a good arrangement that is tastefully done and that doesn’t show an ounce of floral foam. Recently two close friends had babies and what is better to brighten up the doldrums of a hospital room: FLOWERS!

You need not deck the room in roses. There is nothing tackier than red roses on valentine’s day- sorry guys- they are not cute or sexy. Opt for interesting blooms like zinnas or a simple bunch of sunflowers tied with a ribbon. Grab a book on flowers at the library and learn your new favs. Check out floral web sites for a taste of the rainbow.

I digress-

With the recent births- I crafted two arrangements in under 10 minutes flat each. Here is a quick how to guide:


-Gerbera Daises

– Scissors

-Small Stones, shells or glass marbles


– Hole punch

-Small square of cardstockfor gift tag

-Vase or Glass Container

Step 1: Always check the stems of flowers- be sure that they aren’t dry or brittle- this can indicate that the flowers haven’t gotten enough water.

Step 2: Vases come in all different shapes and sizes these days- skip the typical glass vase. Try mason jars, french jelly jars or even interesting drinking glasses. I always keep a stock of potential vases in the house, pick them up at garage sales, goodwill or clearance centers. Never know when someone might need a flower gift.

Step 3:Add rocks or shells to the bottom of the vase to keep the flowers upright.

Step 4: Arranging-Start by holding the flowers in your hand and match all the blooms at the same level. If you would like to have different heights, gently pull single blooms upward to achieve desired height.

Step 5: Keeping the desired length cut your flowers on a 90 degree angle with sharp scissors or a knife. Place flowers in the vase pushing them gently into the rocks.

Stop and take a look at yourself- you’re a florist!

Step 6: Tie a ribbon around the vase and affix the small piece of cardstock by punching a hole and writing your own message. ( Much better than a Hallmark)

Flower arranging takes time and patience- think of it as an art and something peaceful.


2 responses to “A Word about Flowers

  1. these both came out great! nice job 🙂

  2. It’s very good article, thanks

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